People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s a life crisis – a bereavement or ending; a struggle in a relationship; a broken marriage. It might be that you feel depressed, low, and joyless or find yourself feeling dissatisfied, stuck, frustrated or angry a lot of the time. Some people come for counselling because they feel stuck or trapped, or ‘addicted’ – to a process, a substance, a relationship – and desperately want to move on.

Most of the time we try to cope on our own or with the support of family and friends but find that things don’t really change or that we still feel paralysed in some way. Counselling is a neutral space for you to find your own way through a problem or difficult time in your life. It can be a positive, valuable and life changing experience, supporting you to find your way forwards, allowing you to feel more in control of yourself and your life choices.

Counselling can help you through difficult times such as:

  • Bereavement, Loss or Endings
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Addiction struggles
  • Issues around Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Problems with Work or Family
  • Anxiety and stress

When you hit rock bottom or feel stuck and unhappy then Counselling with a qualified, experienced professional can help you to manifest the changes you need to cope or move on…