I am a Senior Accredited BACP Counsellor with extensive Clinical experience over more than 20 years.  I have worked with people from all walks of life and ages; helping them to find themselves, a stronger voice, with a new confidence and clarity to move forwards to the life they want to begin to create for themselves.

I worked in the 1980’s as a Psychologist working in Careers Counselling and Organisational Development and trained in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Counselling in 1998.  This approach looks at the whole person – with a Mind, a Body and Feelings  –  as a human being on a Soulful journey – learning lessons, with a capacity to heal, to develop and evolve.

I also draw on other techniques and theoretical  approaches such as CBT, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Creative Therapy to support people with their difficulties.

Of course it is important to look at where we have come from – we all have a story that has shaped us – but I am also interested to know where you are now and more importantly, where you want to be heading….

I can offer a warm and empathic listening ear and I am able to support you with whatever you are bringing.  I feel passionate about showing up fully present for my clients and to work together in a creative, pragmatic and empathic way to support, to heal and to light that sense of inspiration in you of possibilities and more acceptance.

I believe there are many different ways to live a life.  So often we get caught up in thinking we need to be somewhere or someone other than who we are…. We tend to feel happiest when we have the qualities we need for happiness – These qualities are universal to all us human beings – Connection, Joy, to feel Loved, Warmth, Adventure, Security, Friendships, experiencing something new to name a few.  Finding the right balance for You is the key.  You may continue to feel that sense of dis-ease – an Anxiety,  Low Mood or frustration for example, until you are living your life in the most authentic way for you..

Sometimes we find ourselves in our very own real-life drama which is totally preoccupying. We feel triggered.  We can feel consumed….  Feelings run high.  But just maybe, we have something to learn in the heart of it…  Feelings are like a smoke alarm; Counselling can help support you to turn towards the ‘noise’, to listen with kind and keen ears to learn… to understand and from this place it is possible to step off the drama merry-go-round…


You have to really WANT things to be different and  be willing to let go of some old ways of thinking and old ways of being to step into the new.


“There are two forms of courage in this world.  One demands that we jump into action with our armour on.  The other invites us to strip ourselves bare-naked and surrender.  Bravery in a curious thing…”  Jeff Brown